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Place-based Education Theory

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In this course, students will engage with Place-based Education from a variety of cultural and theoretical viewpoints, examining philosophies, benefits, and methods, while also critically reflecting on their personal past and present connections to place. These understandings will then expand to include the scholastic perspectives of Place-based Education: a pedagogy and methodology that utilizes local community and environment as a starting point to teach concepts in a variety of disciplines. Emphasizing experiential and interdisciplinary learning, Place-based Education has been shown to increase academic achievement, strengthen communities, enhances students? appreciation for the natural world, and foster a healthy commitment to serving as active, contributing citizens. Students in this course will critically examine these claims through research, discussion, and observation of initiatives in their community. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to focus on an age group, such as early childhood, elementary, adolescents, or adult populations.

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Gretchen Gano

|Faculty of Education, MEd, Independent Studies, Sustainability Education, Undergraduate Programs