Interdisciplinary Studies MA

Signature Courses
Successful Interdisciplinary Learning Strategies (SILS)
Critical Foundations of Research & Scholarship


The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program at Prescott College allows students to explore topics of personal interest and passion in multidisciplinary ways that grow knowledge, skills, abilities, values, and ways of being.  Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies offers a number of unique opportunities:

  • Students can take existing graduate courses offered in other programs and/or create their own individualized courses (mentored or independent study).
  • Only two courses are required besides the Capstone.
  • Students can designate a specialized emphasis area.  Emphasis areas can be:
    • based on other PC master’s programs (e.g., Critical Psychology, Food Systems, Resilient & Sustainable Communities);
    • broad in nature (e.g., Holistic Health, Philosophy, Mathematics); or 
    • highly specific (e.g., Sound Healing, Archetypes & Cultural Memes, Four-Dimensional Spacetime)

"I had been searching for the perfect master's program for a few months and I kept running into the same problem: All of the programs I found were asking me to make a compromise that I didn't want to make. I needed a program that didn't have tunnel vision. I wanted to take business classes, but I also wanted to take classes about community health. I really wanted to include a social justice perspective as well as some feminist studies. I certainly didn't fall into the classic MBA, nor did I fall into a Master's of Health Administration. I had already heard of Prescott and I had heard wonderful things about forward-thinking professors, a diverse range of course offerings, and a supportive community. When I saw the MAIS program I immediately saw a solution to my problem and the range of opportunities that this program would provide. I never thought I would have the opportunity to design my own degree, but I am so glad that I found this program!" - Prescott College MAIS Student

ECOSA emphasis area:
  • Prescott College’s ECOSA term can be taken for graduate credit and provides the student with a completed MA in Interdisciplinary Studies emphasis area in Regenerative Ecological Design.
  • ECOSA semester allows students to gain hands-on experience designing with nature to find solutions to global issues. Students develop and hone their skills in project planning, self-discipline, collaboration, creativity, and the design process as they work individually and in diverse groups on multiple design challenges; including projects that engage actual clients, real sites and real budgets. From constructing a scaled sculpture model to presenting design solutions to a real-life client, projects are a hands-on way of applying what you’ve learned and are an important part of the portfolio you will create.  
  • Integrate knowledge, methods, and modes of thinking drawn from multiple disciplines.
  • Cultivate self-awareness, intellectual honesty, and ethical integrity.
  • Develop new skills, abilities, values, and ways of being that address the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Produce an original interdisciplinary understanding of a complex problem or intellectual question.
  • Develop an applicable skillset in a current or desired career path.