MBA and Sustainable Food Systems Dual Degree

NEW! Dual-Degree Pathway


The dual MBA-MSFS program is designed for students interested in transforming food systems. Students gain sustainable leadership skills and tools with the knowledge of systems science needed to build and change businesses that contribute to equitable and sustainable food systems.   

In addition to earning two degrees in less time, graduates of the dual-degree program develop a more comprehensive set of sustainability skills, have more robust interactions in the classroom, and benefit from a stronger network post-graduation.

  • Make Connections— Our MBA faculty are practitioners in sustainable business with connections to an extensive network of sustainability leaders. Our MSFS faculty are internationally known and recognized for their work with biodiversity, nutrition, food justice, and food systems finance. Working closely with your faculty and peers, you’ll make connections that solidify your position in two growing areas of sustainability.
  • Earn a Dual Degree — With our 45-credit Dual-Degree, you'll have the opportunity to realize your goals in business, food systems, and sustainability. Fast-track your pathway to acquiring two complimentary degrees by taking advantage of our one-of-a-kind dual MBA-MSFS degree program.
  • 100% Online  — Create balance across your schoolwork, and current life demands like work, home, and family. You'll take classes when and where it fits your schedule. Explore your area of interest within your bioregion, providing you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge within your home community.